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  Lazaro's Cave

Lazaro's Cave

Hey guys! Welcome to Lazaro's Cave! Here you can see pictures and read anecdotes of past and present events. You can also communicate personally with Lazaro, and write your opinions about the band's performances.

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Synthesis was formed in Mexico by the talented singer, guitarist, composer and arranger Lazaro Herrera.

Synthesis can be heard on their CD Alma Latina ("Latin Soul"). The album combines the spicy rhythms with great new original songs. If you're planning a party, special event or an extra hot club night, kick it up a notch with Synthesis ~ we will show you the difference between a night out and a NIGHT TO REMEMBER!.


More dates coming in 2010!  

For more details, check our full schedule.


Synthesis plays familiar hits and new original music, all with a Latin twist, but please don't confuse us with a Salsa band!

We combine Latin and American instruments into a unique sound. Electric and acoustic guitar, synthesized keyboards, electric upright bass, drums and Latin percussion are all part of the mix. We can also add horns, additional percussionists and male and female vocalists.

Bossa Nova, Latin Jazz, Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, Mambo, Latin-Rock, Soca, Lambada. It's a Synthesis of the happiest music in the world, from all over the world!

People are on their feet cheering and the band is laughing as they begin to play a Latin jam that drives the crowd crazy with its relentless dance groove! That's the end of another night with Synthesis Latin Band. It's a scene that they've repeated many times in concerts, clubs and private parties for years.

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